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This Week at UBC: February 7 – February 13, 2016

This week is both Out Week and International Development Week and there are many engaging and fun events lined up. There are also great events from UBC Sustainability and the Pacific Institute for Theoretical Physics

how will world eat

How will the World Eat in the Future?


Award winning author, activist, and academic Raj Patel shares some of the best and most surprising innovations to address the future of food. With stories from the world’s poorest people – from Peru to Malawi, there’s a great deal of innovation to help us imagine how the world can feed itself by 2050.

Social Paediatrics in Canada and Vancouver


“How to Love a Child”, the Janusz Korczak Lecture Series, is devoted to key issues crucial to the well-being and rights of children and young people today with the hope that the lectures and panel discussions will provide fertile ground for a fruitful exchange of ideas and approaches to improving the situation of young people in all spheres of society.


Storm the Wall


Storm The Wall is the iconic event essential to the UBC experience. From Just For Fun teams, competitive teams or individual competitive participation, to spectating and attending the festivals – everyone can #getoverit! Registration ends by March 11.


Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Research Conference 2016


MURC is a conference for UBC undergraduate students to showcase their research in front of their fellow UBC students, family, and friends. Researchers may choose one of two formats to showcase their research: presentation or poster.

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