What’s Happening at UBC – April

Take a study break and check out some of the interesting events happening around campus this month.

April 2 – Open House Celebrating UBC’s 12th President

Wish Professor Stephen Toope and Ms. Paula Rosen well as they conclude eight years of service to the university. Come out to enjoy a snack, mingle with the President and sign the guestbook. Open to the UBC community – no RSVP required.

April 3-4 – Indigenous Women in Film

Join the Liu Institute on April 3rd and 4th for two exciting film events, including Q&A’s with the filmmakers. RSVP by emailing ubcsettlercolonial@gmail.com.

April 8 –  AMS Block Party

Celebrate the end of the year with the 7th annual AMS Block Party. Happening at MacInnes Field from 2:30-9:15pm. General tickets selling online until March 30th.

April 10 –  Bang! Festival

Join the UBC School of Music for a free afternoon performance of interactive computer music.

April 12 –  The City in Antiquity

Explore how people lived together in the ancient cities of Greece and Rome (from the second millennium BC to the sixth century of our era). Learn about the cultural, political, and geographical influences that shaped civic life, how these cities were transformed at the end of antiquity, and how the factors behind the triumphs of the ancient city continue to affect us today.

April 16 –  Marinate Me: 2013/2014 BFA BA Visual Art Graduating Exhibition

Don’t miss the Annual UBC Visual Art Graduating Exhibition. The conceptual theme of “Marinate Me” speaks to students’ immersion in educational theory, or their intentional lack thereof. Either by rejecting the system and being thrown on the grill raw, or by reflecting their seasoned array of knowledge that has been years marinating, students will serve up their work to a public audience.

April 17 – Debunking Digital Myths: Online Tracking

Have you ever noticed advertisements being tailored to your previous searches? Well, this is no coincidence. This interactive session outlines the issues of website tracking and online privacy, and how these concepts continue to evolve with the advent of new technology and applications.

Good luck with exams!

UBU ROI Unleashes A Hilarious Reign of Comic Terror at UBC!

Ubu Roi, Alfred Jarry’s 1896 avant-garde satire about greed and the abuse of power, was outlawed for its scandalous language, violence and disrespect for authority. It’s a hilarious play unlike anything you’ve seen. The play runs from March 20th to April 5th at the Freddy Wood Theatre. Tickets to UBU Roi are only $10 for students and 2 for 1 for all faculty, staff and UNA residents ($11)

By Deb Pickman.

On it’s Paris premier in 1896 Alfred Jarry’s play UBU Roi provoked a 15 minute riot with it’s first word and was instantly banned. This is deservedly one of the theatre’s most remarkable plays, featuring some of its most unforgettable characters. With resonances of Macbeth and unflinching humour, UBU Roi, is an avant-garde satire of greed, stupidity and the abuse of power. This powerful play opens on March 20 at UBC’s historic Frederic Wood Theatre.

Here is my Q & A with MFA Directing student Ryan Gladstone who is at the helm of the production, which features the work of students in the BFA Acting Ensemble and BFA Design:

When did you decide to commit yourself to a theatre career?

I’ve been a storyteller since birth!  My brother and I wrote our first movie when I was about four, heavily influenced by Star Wars.  In high school I discovered a place in Calgary called Loose Moose Theatre run by Improv guru Keith Johnstone, and from that point on I’ve been creating theatre.

What compelled you to direct UBU Roi for your thesis?

I’ve wanted to do this play for a long time. When I learned about the riots that followed the opening words at its’ premiere, I was so excited that theatre could have this kind of an effect.  In 2002 I saw a production in Ottawa which was fun and wild, but I felt there was something missing.  From that point I started thinking about how one could create a production of UBU that recreated the shock and outrage from the original production.

Why do you think people should see this show?

Our production of UBU is a high energy, fast-paced, chaotic, and hilarious take on Jarry’s original play.  My guess is that many audience members will have never seen anything quite like it.  The play was actually created first when Jarry was only 14 years old with some schoolmates to lampoon a teacher and performed with marionettes in an attic.  We tried to capture this adolescent feeling by setting our play as if it was performed by a group of schoolgirls.  It adds to the chaos of it all.

What was your greatest challenge taking on this production?

With my own theatre company Monster Theatre I’ve created over twenty original plays, none of which has featured more than three actors.  This production of UBU has 16 performers playing over 40 parts!  So, orchestrating that many humans on our huge set has been a new adventure for me.  It’s been immensely fun and also challenging.

What are your aspirations after graduation?

Keep creating original theatre!  I’ve already started work on Monster Theatre’s next play that I am writing and directing, a puppet murder mystery called ‘Who killed Gertrude Crump?’

Who are your theatrical heroes? Your favourite director’s, practitioners, playwrights, directors and/or characters from plays.

In Calgary I spent ten years working with Loose Moose Theatre and studying with Keith Johnstone and am hugely inspired by his ideas.  Other theatrical faves are Bertolt Brecht, Mump and Smoot, Balinese mask theatre, and of course, Alfred Jarry.  My two other main influences are not theatrical at all, Joseph Campbell the professor of comparative mythology, and Chuck Jones and the other geniuses who created the early Looney Tunes cartoons in the 30′s, 40′s and 50s.

Those poor souls who rarely or never come to theatre – tell them what they’re missing?

UBU will be one they won’t want to miss.  There is nothing pretentious or cliched about it, an utterly original production that will have them laughing out loud, and hopefully shocked by the end.

Thanks to Ryan Gladstone for sharing this behind the scenes look with us. The play runs from March 20 to April 1. For more about UBU Roi or to purchase tickets see http://www.theatre.ubc.ca/ubu_roi/index.html

Photo Credit: Tim Matheson

What’s Happening at UBC – March

March is a BUSY month at UBC. Here is a look at some of the things happening this month, including MURC, Storm the Wall, International Women’s Day, and slam poet Shane Koyczan performing at the Telus Studio. And don’t forget to follow us on twitter @UBCevents and keep an eye on the calendar for the most up-to-date information.

March 6thEnvironmental Science Student Association Career Fair

ESSA hosts their annual career fair on March 6th, 2014 from 5-7pm in the Earth Sciences Building. This event is an excellent opportunity for anyone curious about working in jobs related to environmental science. Get the chance to meet scientists working in environmental science related fields and get to know how their degree and experiences have helped them get to where they are today. They will be over 20 guests, including WWF Canada, BC Ministry of Environment, Living Oceans Society, The Dogwood Initiative, and much more! The event is FREE for ESSA members and $5 for non-members

March 6thMina Shum Retrospective at the Norm Theatre.

The UBC Film Society will be having a free screening of Long Life, Happiness and Prosperity (2002), a film directed and directed by award-winning filmmaker and UBC graduate Mina Shum.

March 7th- UBC Relay for Life

Part of the Canadian Cancer Society’s Relay for Life, UBC Relay for Life is a 12-hour overnight event to celebrate cancer survivors, remember loved ones lost, and fight back against the disease. In the past two years UBC Relay for Life has raised over $100,000. Sign up with friends to make a team of 8 to 15 people and participate by walking, jogging, running, and dancing around a track for the duration of the event. A fantastic way to have fun and raise money for a great cause, there we will be live music, food, entertainment, yoga, zumba, and guest appearances by UBC Improv and UBC Acapella.

March 7thCelebrating Women at UBC Booth in Irving K. Barber

Celebrating Women at UBC is a blog started by the Equity Ambassadors dedicated to the promotion and visibility of some of the interesting, intelligent, creative and passionate women-identified bodies at UBC. They will have a booth in Irving K. Barber Learning Centre on March 7th between 9am and 4pm.

March 8thUBC REC Tri Du

Cheer racers on at one of BCs largest, and longest running triathlons. Professional organization, friendly volunteers, and a beautiful course through the UBC Campus have all made this event a favorite for both those new to the sport and pros.

March 8thRegent College exhibit “Women of Substance”

Regent College presents work from Vancouver artist Sharalee Regehr.  Dedicated to honouring women who have made incredible contributions to society and history, Regehr’s body of work contains hundreds of paintings and represents over ten years of exploration. Using modern images, she juxtaposes colours and text reminiscent of medieval manuscripts and tapestries while addressing current issues. The exhibit runs until March 27th.

March 11thLiu Institute talk: South Sudan: What went wrong?

Come to this talk to learn about the world’s newest nation, and the current conflict that has claimed over 10,000 lives and displaced over 1 million people. Joseph Bartel will talk about this situation, and discuss some of the ways to restore peace and once again align South Sudan to a trajectory of stability and development.

March 12th – 14thBrain Matters

Brain Matters! Vancouver is an exciting venue for researchers, thinkers and members of the public to come together and explore the implications of brain science and social responsibility. Join in expanding the conversation about the ethical, legal and social implications of brain science for promoting brain health and enabling wellbeing.

March 18thDialogues on our City’s Future: Urban Indigenous Planning in Canada

How does the increasing presence of urban indigenous peoples impact community and regional planning? Join the University Women’s Club of Vancouver at Hycroft Mansion for this talk by Leonie Sandercock, professor at the School of Community and Regional Planning.

March 22ndMultidisciplinary Undergraduate Research Conference (MURC)

Want to know more about getting involved with research? Come to MURC and see what’s happening in the world of undergraduate research at UBC. Undergraduate researchers will be presenting on their work and keynote speakers will share their exceptional and exciting research experiences with you. There will also be information booths with research and funding opportunities. Come check out what your colleagues are doing, and get connected so you can do it too.

March 23rd to March 27th UBC REC Storm the Wall

Register by March 14th. This is one event that every UBC student needs to experience. Swim, sprint, bike, run and Storm the Wall! Participate as a Competitive or Just-for-Fun team, or challenge yourself to do the whole course on your own as an Iron Person. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of UBC’s longest standing campus tradition.

March 26thPresident Toope Open House

Come out to enjoy a snack, mingle with the President and sign the guestbook. Join the UBC community at this open house to thank Professor Stephen Toope for his eight years of service at the university. The celebration will be held between 1:30 – 3:30 at the Richard S. Hallisey Atrium, EME Building.

March 26thChan Centre Presents: Shane Koyczan

Get your tickets for this one quick. Shane Koyczan is an award-winning Canadian spoken word artist, poet, and writer known for tackling loaded social and political issues with furious honesty and tender humanity. In the intimate setting of the Telus Studio Theatre at the Chan Centre as part of the Beyond Words series, Shane will present, among others, his spoken word poem “To This Day.” This anti-bullying manifesto performed as part of TED Talks went viral on YouTube and now has over 12 million views.

Festival Dionysia – UBC Players Club

The Dionysia Festival, organized by the UBC Players Club, runs from 7pm February 26th to March 1st with a 2pm show on the 2nd, at the Dorothy Somerset Studio. You can buy your tickets online at http://ubcplayersclub.goodnights.me/ or cash-only at the door. Prices are $5 dollars for club members, and $10 for non-members.

Wednesday night was the premiere of the Players Club Festival Dionysia at the Dorothy Somerset Studio. The festival, in its third year, celebrates theatre and creativity by producing multiple one-act shows. This year there are 6 plays spanning a wide range of subjects and genres – all directed, acted and staged by UBC students, alumni, and other members of the Vancouver community. The festival is an excellent example of the power of theatre in creating community at UBC and in the greater Vancouver area. The Players Club (which happens to be UBC’s oldest club on campus) is an excellent place for students to get involved, regardless of background or theatre experience, in creative and theatrical work.

I visited the cast and crew on Tuesday, before their final dress rehearsal, to talk to some people about their experiences. What I found was a diverse group of people ranging from UBC alumni to professional TV actors, and theatre students to Business and PoliSci majors. For some of them this was their first experience working on a show. “I’m not in the theatre department so my only experience has been with the Players Club but I think this is a great way to get your foot in the door” Abigail, a Assistant Stage Manager told me backstage, “I haven’t acted or done anything related to the theatre before, but I was able to do this position and so now if I wanted to something more, like if I wanted to direct, this was a great way to start.”

“I came and saw a lot of plays here before, but didn’t know what was behind it. So it’s really cool to be behind the scenes and a great first step for anyone who wants to get experience and try something new” Cyrilla, another Assistant Stage Manager, added.

I also spoke to some of the directors about their thoughts on the whole experience. Joylyn, a second year student in the acting program, spoke about how much she learned in this her first directing role. “My acting experience has helped, but I definitely realized how hard directing can be.”

“Yeah as a director you need to learn how to be calm,” fifth-year theatre student John added, “you can’t let your nervousness become contagious.”

“I’ve learned that directors have feelings too!” Joylyn replied.

There were quite a few actors in the plays that were non-theatre students. Connor, a first year Arts student hoping to study International Relations, joined the Players Club after seeing their booth on Imagine Day. Since then he has already had a role in a production earlier this year called Never The Sinner. “As a first year, I was very surprised to get a role. I had a minor role but I was so thrilled because it was an eight-person performance. I plan on keeping my eyes open for more things upcoming with the club.”

In his fourth year studying Business, James had always enjoyed acting in high school. Wanting to keep that going through university he joined the Players Club.“Being in Sauder, there aren’t that many people that share this passion. So it’s been really cool to go to the Players Club and connect with other people that share those interests.”

“I’ve always just done theatre because I love it” Sarah, a UBC alumni, shared. “To me theatre was always a passion of mine and I never tried to do it as a job. As for joining the Players Club, it was a combination of the right place and the right time.” She saw a post about the festival at the Vancouver Public Library, which is how she connected with the club. “I’m sure they would find a lot of UBC alum that would love coming back and doing something like this. It’s a great way for alumni to stay connected with the UBC community.”

As club President Carolyn told me, the festival includes workshop sessions where the volunteers get to hone their skills. “It’s very much a learning and teaching process as well.” The club organizes many other events, such as play readings every other Friday, where students can come read plays out loud and meet new people. All in all it shows how inclusive and welcoming the club is. Walking backstage, it seems as though everyone is very friendly and close to each other, friendships have developed quickly as the preparation for the festival are only 5 weeks long. “It’s really great building community through theatre.” John said. He and Joylyn, who met through the club, are now working together on a production for this summer’s Fringe Festival.

“Seeing it all coming together so quickly has been the most amazing thing,” said James. “I haven’t acted in years which is why I am so excited. That moment, right before opening night, it’s just the best feeling.”

Photos Credits: Javier Sotres

11th Annual Chinese Lunar New Year Celebration

The Department of Asian Studies hosts their 11th Annual Chinese Lunar New Year Celebration to celebrate the year of the Horse! This was an event featuring heritage and non-heritage students in Asia Studies performing in skits, songs, dances, and comedic acts.

There was free lunch with consisted of an assortment of Traditional Chinese Food and also Cultural Booths where attendees got to participate in Chinese Calligraphy, crafts, and a dress up photo booth station. I even made a few of my own Chinese knots to take home with me.

Bian Lian, translated as “face change” was one of the featured performance. This is a vibrant and dramatic traditional Chinese Dance where the performer would surprise the audience by magically changing their faces to different colored masks!

There was also performance by the UBC ensemble featuring Gavin Zhang (back) and Jeff Pai (front) sharing their talents and performing a solo. This was a highly impressive performance and I wish I could go see them again!

On behalf of UBC Events, we would like to wish everybody a happy, healthy and wealthy year of the Horse! Gung Hay, Gung Hay!


Valentine’s Day Recap

A few weeks ago, various clubs on campus used their talents and took advantage of Valentine’s day to share the love. Whether it was for a loved one, best friend, or even your mother – there was a Valentine’s gift for everyone. Here is a recap of a few club booths I visited at the SUB.

Did your ears capture the voices of UBC A Cappella’s singing gram on campus last week? Or would you like to be serenaded again for the second time or even a third? The UBC A Cappella is a student run club comprised of four choirs with students who have a passion for singing. They perform on campus and across Vancouver all year long, so if you missed out this time, be sure to check out their website for more upcoming performances.

I’ve heard of Ferrero Roch-quets before, but rose shaped Bacon Bro-quets? That’s a new one! The UBC Chinese Varsity Club’s community department were the biggest cupids on campus this year. Spending countless hours selling, hand making, personalizing and delivering these Ferrero Roch-quets and Bacon Bro-quets, the community department has raised over $200 dollars for the Canadian Cancer Society. Thank you CVC, not only have put smiles on our faces this Valentines, but also made a difference in our community.

CVC’s upcoming events include the Chin and Chow Fundraiser at Fortune, Macaron Baking 101, and the annual city-wide Car Rally.

I also came across UBC PRINT Club’s amazing talents in hand crafting nylon roses.


UBCevents Preview of a FestEVOLVE DNA Extraction Demo

February: What’s Happening at UBC?

It’s that time of the year again, where all you’ll find in the air is LOVE. Right? Or are you pulling your hair out and cramming like crazy because you’ve been swamped by midterm season? Whether you’re feeling overworked and looking to treat yourself or scrambling for last minute Valentine’s day gifts for your loved ones, fear not, UBC events has you covered. With candygrams, acapella grams, dance-o-grams, and even bacon broquets there are all sorts of things to chose from.

Looking for things to do on Valentine’s day? UBC has a wide range of activities for you to make this the best Valentine’s day yet. In addition to our featured Valentine’s day events we have listed some other great events in February to look out for like FestEVOLVE hosted by the Beaty Biodiversity Museum and the 11th Annual Lunar New Year Celebration.

A Capella Grams: Love Song Delivery

Visit UBC Acapella’s SUB booth from Feb. 3rd – 7th to pick a song to serenade your loved ones either on Feb 12th, 13th or 14th to have your A Capella Gram to be delivered.

Dance O Grams

Send your loved ones their very own entourage! A dancing flash mob brought to you by UBC Dance Horizons.

UBC CVC: Romances & Bromances

Woo your loved ones with either these Bacon Bro-quets ($5 min. donation) or Ferrero Roche-quets ($10 min donation). All proceeds go to the Canadian Cancer Society.

Agora Valentine’s Day Grams

A goody bag filled with treats, candy, and of course a card for your loved ones! Order forms are available at Agora Café from Feb 3rd – Feb 7th. Deliveries are only made in the McMillan building on February 14th.

The Indigenous Law Student’s Association: Candygram’s for Sale

On Sale at the Allard Cafeteria from 12:30pm – 2pm. Candygrams will be distributed on February 14th.

Valentine’s Day Card’s for Sale!

Purchase your set of cards filled with images, myths, and tales of eternal love. Visit the Circulation desks at the Irving K Barber Learning Centre and Koerner Library.


February 7th: UBC CVC presents SUPASKILLZ

For the past eleven years, talents from all around metro Vancouver have come to compete in UBC CVC’s annual talent show, SUPASKILLZ. From singers to dancers, comedians to poets, contortionists to yo-yo’ers, eleven acts have come together to compete for the grand prize of $400. Tickets: 15$. Norman Rothstein Theatre, 7pm.

February 11th – 15th: UBC VDAY: A Memory, A Monologue, A Rant and A Prayer

A groundbreaking collection of monologues by world-renowned authors and playwrights, edited by Eve Ensler and Mollie Doyle. These pieces on oppression in the world, particularly against women, are performed as a series of monologues. Student pricing: 15$. Frederic Wood Theatre, 7pm.

February 14th: Paris Je T’aime

Treat yourself to a free serenade on Valentine’s day by UBC’s very own Wind Ensemble. The Chan Centre for the Performing Arts, 8pm.

February 15th: UBC ANIME CLUB: Valentine’s Cosplay Social

Single for Valentine’s Day? That doesn’t mean you have to spend it alone! Come out to our event to meet some new people and see amazing cosplays! Not single? Bring your sweetheart along for the ride! Tickets 5$. SUB Partyroom, 6pm – 10pm.

February 7th : The 11th Annual Celebration for Lunar New Year

An eventful afternoon filled with tea presentations, lion dancers, music, and food to celebrate the Year of the Horse! C.K Choi Building for the institute of Asian Research, 10am – 4pm.

February 6th: UBC YOURS: Krispy Kreme Fundraiser for Breast Cancer

Outside SUB North Entrance, 11am – 4pm.

February 12th– 23rd: FestEVOLVE 2014

A week-long event celebrating Charles Darwin and Evolution! Events include: Museum tours, crafts, create your own fossil, DNA extraction demos, a tour at the Pacific Museum of Earth. Included with museum admission. Beaty Biodiversity Museum, 10am – 5pm.

February 18th: Future Forestry Leaders Symposium

A networking event hosted by the UBC Faculty of Forestry and University of Washington focusing on connecting professionals who work in the forest and environment to students researching forest-related issues. Forest Sciences Centre, Fletcher Challenge Theatre #1005, 8am – 4pm.


Vivian C.

A Night at the Theatre: The Seagull

“Welcome to the Seagull and Chekhov’s world.” No, really. Prepare yourself to be immersed in a world where the lines between happiness and despair are difficult to make out. The UBC Theatre cast quite flawlessly transports you to a whirlwind of a world in which laughter can be quickly followed by a hard hit to the heart. Although emotionally daunting, this story of an unrequited love triangle is brought to life in a way that doesn’t trap you in a vortex of despair but rather lifts you up into a state of reflection. While fully immersed in Chekhov’s world, thanks to UBC Theatre’s clever set and wonderful period costumes, the problems faced in the play are all too familiar. As you watch the story unfold you quickly realize that the search for happiness is one that transcends time. Nearly everyone seems to be on the search for something grander and more meaningful, in a sense battling a severe case of what we know as “the grass is greener” syndrome. The UBC Theatre cast embodies inherently human struggles with seemingly effortless ease, capturing the audience and blurring the lines between life and story. As you watch the destinies of Chekhov’s characters come to fruition, it is hard not to draw similarities between their struggles and your own. Whether it be finding love, facing old age or battling with family, The Seagull will take you through the ups and downs of life in a way that will have you tearing up from both laughter and heartache.

Contemplative, tragic and surprisingly humorous, if you have not yet seen The Seagull make sure you make it out this week. The last showings of The Seagull play this week Wednesday through Saturday at 7:30pm, get your tickets here.

UBCevents Preview of The Seagull

We join three of the cast members for a quick teaser of what you can look forward to in UBC Theatre’s production of The Seagull By Anton Chekhov, translated by Peter Gill and
Directed by Kathleen Duborg.

More Information and tickets can be found here.

Special Thanks:
-Deb Pickman
-Mercedes de la Zerda
-Nick Preston
-Natasha Zacher

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What’s Happening at UBC – April

Take a study break and check out some of the interesting events happening around campus this month.

UBU ROI Unleashes A Hilarious Reign of Comic Terror at UBC!

Ubu Roi, Alfred Jarry’s 1896 avant-garde play about greed and the abuse of power, was outlawed for its scandalous language, violence and disrespect for authority. It’s a hilarious play unlike anything you’ve seen.

What’s Happening at UBC – March

March is a BUSY month at UBC. Here’s a look at some of the things happening this, including MURC, Storm the Wall, International Women’s Day, and slam poet Shane Koyczan performing at the Telus Studio.

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