More Than Just Numbers: Hearing From the Real Experts in the Opioid Crisis

Join SPPH Professor, and BCCDC harm reduction lead, Jane Buxton and those working and living with substance use issues to learn from the experts about the opioid crisis.

Professor Buxton will speak about the increases in drug overdoses and her work with BC’s Take Home Naloxone program – which has seen 2,500 overdose reversals. She will be joined by guest speakers who will share their experiences about the reality of the opioid crisis.

Live streaming is available via www.youtube.com/user/UBCSPPH1


Friday 3rd March, 9am to 10am

Michael Smith Laboratories Room 102”


A link to more information can be found below:


100 Years WISE: : Women in Science and Engineering, Bridging the Past and the Future

IMG_6009 (1)

Dr. Martha Piper presents an opening address. Photo by Nika Moeini.

In 2015, UBC celebrated its centennial – a time to learn from the past and chart the route for the future. At 100 Years WISE, professors, professionals, and others from the UBC community came together to understand UBC’s centennial in the context of women in science and engineering.

After an address by Dr. Martha Piper, we received a special recording from the honourable Kim Campbell, who spoke on the changing landscape of female leadership. The evening’s panel started off with Dr. Nadine Caron, the first Indigenous woman to graduate from the UBC Faculty of Medicine. She explained that although firsts should be celebrated, they can also serve as red flags – why has society been structured in a way that allows these gaps in achievement?

Once it’s shown that it can be done, everyone else who follows can do it. What is possible should be done right away, what is impossible will take a little longer. Don’t wait for people to show you that it can be done. In order to be first, you have to be brave.

IMG_6012 (1)

Dr. Nadine Caron, the first Indigenous woman to graduate from the UBC Faculty of Medicine. Photo by Nika Moeini.


Maria Klawe, President of Harvey Mudd College, talked about asking for help. She explained that in order to succeed, you have to be brave, although it’s hard to admit that you need help because people think that you are inferior already. She explained that one of the reasons Harvey Mudd has been able to have so many female deans and greater female leadership has been the help-empowered environment they have created.


The panel sharing their inspiring insights. Photo by Nika Moeini.

Other topics included finding strengths, being able to let go of something before it’s perfect, and acknowledging the people in the background who help us achieve our goals. Each speaker was so eloquent and powerful, each with their own unique insight to share.

The night finished off with some fruit, delicious macarons, and various chocolates accompanied by a networking session. It was such an interesting array of students, professors, alumni, and professionals, and an excellent opportunity to open the dialogue around empowering our female leaders in STEM to grow and reach new heights in the upcoming years.

With a variety of programs to encourage female leadership in the field, from mentorship programs to networks and events, UBC has the resources and capabilities to make out next 100 years a century of progress and equality.

Written and prepared by Nika Moeini, International Relations and Commerce Student, UBCevents Communications Assistant.

VSEUS Gender in the Workplace Conference

12794453_1216710771691852_7199111460867848448_n (1)

Emily Ohler, CEO and General Counsel at Broadleap Solutions sharing her insight with student participants. Photo Courtesy of VSEUS.

On February 27th, the Vancouver School of Economics Undergraduate Society held their Gender in the Workplace conference, featuring experts in various professional fields discussing today’s gender issues and changing the face of leadership in the workplace.

We asked the VSEUS organizers why this topic was the one VSEUS chose to focus on. Saskia, VP Administration of the VSEUS, reported: “After attending a lecture on gender in the workplace by Jill Abramson at UBC last semester, I realized how much I don’t know about this topic. It is increasingly talked about in the media and in research, but I still didn’t have a good understanding of the specific challenges female leaders face or how these can be practically resolved.


Executive members of the Vancouver School of Economics Undergraduate Society. Photo Courtesy of VSEUS.

Yet the issue of gender in the workplace is very relevant to many students, as we will soon be entering the labour force. On a more immediate and personal level, I also noticed that out of the 26 courses I’ve taken at UBC so far, I’ve only had 2 female professors. Economics is still a male-dominated profession, making gender equity an especially important issue for VSEUS to address.

We talked over our ideas as a conference organizing team and quickly decided that this would be a valuable topic to choose for VSEUS’s annual conference.” – Saskia Vaisey


The panel taking questions from the crowd. Photo Courtesy of VSEUS.

The morning began with a session on the Economics of Workplace Gender Issues with Nicole Fortin, a labour economist at the Vancouver School of Economics who spoke on the gender pay gap and the evolution of women’s labour force participation. The sessions following included experiences with gender in the workplace and changing the face of leadership. Michelle Grant from Ernst&Young explained that, in order to illuminate the path to leadership, women have to define opportunities for advancement, take part in leadership development programs, and set leadership pipeline programs and targets, while making role models visible. She explained that companies need to speed up culture change with progressive corporate policy, since we no longer live in a 9-5 working world. We must build supportive environments by recognizing and rewarding role models.

Barinder Rasode was another force to be reckoned with. As the Director of Social Responsibility for Resource Works Society and a Founder of She Talks Vancouver, she talked about the importance of finding your own personal board of directors. She explained that women focus more on competence, and less on who they are. It’s important to get recognized as who you are and put your name on your work. If it’s going to be great, people are going to push back – but champions never complain because they are too busy getting better.


“How can we help broaden the understanding of entrepreneurship as a purely tech-dominated field in order to encourage more female participation?” – Nika Moeini, Photo Courtesy of VSEUS.

Overall, this conference gave participants an opportunity to get a glimpse into their future and anticipate some of the challenges women may face along the way. In the spirit of mentorship, learning how successful women were able to navigate their careers served as inspiration and invaluable advice. I can’t wait to see what conferences VSEUS will offer next!

Written and prepared by Nika Moeini, International Relations and Commerce Student, UBCevents Communications Assistant.

UBC Opera presents: Eine Nacht in Venedig (A Night in Venice)

Photo courtesy of UBC Opera

I’ve never particularly thought that the opera was for me.

After all, “the opera” had an air of sophistication and class. Sophistication and class that, as a university student in his early twenties, I’ve yet to achieve. My current definition of “fancy” is wearing freshly-washed jeans and a button-down shirt instead of my go-to sweatpants-hoodie ensemble – I just didn’t think I’d fit in with the crowd.

Photo courtesy of UBC Opera

Thankfully I didn’t let my doubts stop me from jumping at the chance to see the UBC Opera Ensemble perform Eine Nacht in Venedig (A Night in Venice).

Photo courtesy of UBC Opera

Without giving too much away, A Night in Venice is a hilarious story involving several cases of mistaken identity amongst its main characters. And between the amazing costume and set pieces, the captivating acting of the main cast and ensemble, and the otherworldly talent of the orchestra, it was such an immersive experience. I – along with the rest of the audience – was laughing, clapping, and silently snapping from beginning to end. Hooked was an understatement. It didn’t even matter that the opera was performed in German and that I couldn’t understand a word (the English “subtitles” projected on stage were a lifesaver); I was telling my friends how amazing it was for at least a week.

Photo courtesy of UBC Opera

What really brought the experience over the top was being able to talk to the cast members during intermission. Not only were they fun and friendly, but their passion for their craft really shone through our conversations. Their absolute pride and joy in performing really brought it home to me, and it made their performance even more relatable.

Photo courtesy of UBC Opera

It truly was a night I’d never forget. It proved how wrong my view of the opera was. Sure, my friend and I felt like we were amongst the youngest in the audience and we stood out in our sweat pants, but it didn’t really matter. The opera was, as cheesy as it might sound, universal. UBC Opera’s shows are and would always be a must see.

Catch them perform A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Chan Centre from June 23 to June 26.

Written and prepared by Emmanuel Villamejor, UBC Science Student, UBCevents Communications Assistant.

This Week at UBC Host Search

We’re looking for a new host!

A new semester is here and we’re searching for a new personality to star in our This Week at UBC video series. The UBCevents host will film a minimum of one video per week during the winter session with the opportunity to continue from May 2016 onwards. The successful applicant will also get access to several special events throughout the year when filming opportunities arise. Time commitment is max. 5 hours per week.

Eligibility: Applicant must be a current UBC student in good academic standing.

To Apply:

Upload a video of yourself on YouTube expressing why you want to be the next host for UBCevents. Email the link to your video and a short bio to info.events@ubc.ca by October 10, 2015.

Please note that this is a volunteer position. The successful candidate will start in mid-October.

For questions about the UBCevents Video Host position, please contact info.events@ubc.ca.

There and Back Again: A UBC Grad’s Tale


Ready to join these friends as UBC alumni! Photo Source: Tina Gao

When I think about graduation quickly approaching, one word comes into mind: uncertainty.

Maybe anxious. And precarious.
Insecure too?
Okay, many words cross my mind, but you get the idea. Many of you soon-to-be grads are surely feeling the same to a degree, and if you’re not, you may in the next couple of years. It’s almost inevitable because for the first time in 17 years (more or less), many of us will relinquish our student status.


I learned to love two things as a Residence Advisor: my residents, and mud. Photo Source: Tina Gao

As I look back on the last five years of my life, I can recount a basketful of memories that truly define why these five years were the best years. From playing sports in intramural leagues to the late night dorm room chats, to Block Parties, and from up and down the Wreck Beach stairs, I was able to pursue the hobbies that I already loved at UBC, and had the best time doing so! But these are not the memories that come to mind first when I think about my entire undergrad experience.


Never a dull moment with Live Active Outreach at UBC Intramurals. Photo Source: Austin Kretzschmar

The memories that I hold closest and dearest all contain moments of difficulty, doubt, and obstacles. These moments were rarely comfortable, unlike pursuing all the hobbies that I was familiar with. I successfully campaigned to be House President as a first year student, with no previous knowledge of the position or life in residence. I became a Residence Advisor in second year amidst a time of overwhelming personal and mental health challenges. But both of these moments brought upon irreplaceable and unconditional friendships, laying the relational foundation for the rest of my UBC journey. Through International Service Learning, I worked on HIV projects in Swaziland for three months and lived with a host family, all while situated alone. With no prior experience of solo traveling or cross-cultural navigation, I doubted that my grit and resilience could overcome precarious situations. But this experience was the moment in my undergrad when I discovered my true passions, and it paved the direction of my degree. When I accepted my first Co-op placement in cancer research, I was insecure about my skills and feared incompetency. And indeed, I made many mistakes but I also had the opportunity to contribute to healthcare research aimed to improve cancer prognosis. When I signed up for Storm the Wall Ironwoman this past year, I wasn’t certain I could even swim any laps. But when I got over the wall, I realized that the friends I had made over these 5 years would always be with me, every leg of life’s race to help me achieve my goals.


Colour Wars, the best day in first year residence. Photo Source: Tina Gao


My host brother and I making our way down to the stream in Mbabane, Swaziland. Photo Source: Tina Gao

Climbing the mountain of challenges and breaking my comfort bubble produced the most rewarding, meaningful, and gratifying memories. In fact, these moments in my five years at UBC made me a risk taker, an adventurer, a scholar, and a pathfinder. Graduation is simply another one of these moments. So alongside all the uncertainty, I’m also beyond ecstatic to see mine and every grad’s growth and potential in the next chapter.

As Bilbo would say, “I think I’m quite ready for another adventure.”



Completing Storm the Wall Ironwoman – height is not a barrier! Photo Source: Rachel von Hahn

-Written and prepared by Tina Gao, graduating Bachelor of Science student.

What’s Happening at UBC? – May

There are a number of great events in store for the month of May. Check out what we have compiled for you.

Big Brothers at UBC Spring Formal – Friday May 1st

Big Brothers at UBC is hosting its annual Spring Formal with proceeds going to Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver. The evening is Titanic themed and will include delicious food and great music.

Location: John M.S. Lecky UBC Boathouse


From 2015 MDGs to SDGs – Wednesday May 6th

From 2015 Millennium Development Goals to 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, this lecture will explore the economic road map for universal health coverage. The French Scholars Series are English lectures by notable French academics.

Location: Liu Institute for Global Issues

UBC Staff and Faculty Sports Day – Friday May 8th

This is the 5th annual Sports Day and is a free event for all staff and faculty members. Take the chance to do some team building! Do not forget to enter in the photo contest as well!


Wu Man and the Shanghai Quartet – Saturday May 9th

Wu Man has been called “a force of nature” and the Shanghai Quartet is one of the world’s foremost chamber music ensembles. This performance melds the Chinese sound of the pipa with a western string quartet.

Location: Chan Centre for the Performing Arts

wu man

Your Heart, Your Health – Tuesday May 12th

Attend a free health talk on women and heart disease. Get the facts and research you need to make heart healthy changes in your life! If you cannot attend the event in person, there is a live web stream option.

Location: UBC Robson Square

Graduation 2015 Alumni Welcome Luncheon – Wednesday May 20th to Wednesday May 27th

In addition to graduation ceremonies this May is the opening of the new Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre. During this period, the centre will welcome the Class of 2015 with a pop-up restaurant and entertainment.

Location: Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre


Written and prepared by Vivien Lee, UBCevents Communications Assistant

Year End and Graduation Events

Year-end celebrations and graduation events are upon us. We will be keeping a running list of year-end events. Please feel free to submit additional ones to info.events@ubc.ca.

March 27 LFS Graduation DinnerLand and Food Systems

March 28 Science Grad in WonderlandScience 

April 2 PSA GalaPsychology Students’ Association


April 2 GEOGALA 2015Geography Students’ Association 


April 4 Grad Royale Electrical and Computer Engineering


April 5 UBC Spring FormalTheCalendar


April 8 Summer Send OffArts Undergraduate Society


April 30 The Great Arts Send Off Arts 


April 30  Year End Boat CruiseMicrobiology and Immunology


May 1 Spring FormalBig Brothers at UBC


Written and prepared by Vivien Lee, UBCevents Communications Assistant

Theatre UBC presents: Triumph of Love

Triumph of Love. Matt Kennedy, Zach Wolfman, Ghazal Azarbad. Photo by Julia Carr

Photo by Julia Carr

Theatre UBC is wowing audiences once again with their new musical Triumph of Love, which is currently being performed at UBC’s Frederic Wood Theatre.

Directed by Barbara Tomasic and featuring a winning cast of UBC BFA students, all of whom are in their final year of the program, Triumph of Love weaves together hilarious performances and beautiful music to tell a story about the always complex task of discovering, understanding and winning love.

Triumph of Love. Charlotte Wright, Cassandra Szabo, Catherine Ferguson, Nathan Cottell. Photo by Julia Carr

Photo by Julia Carr

Set entirely within the pristine garden of a philosophical court, Triumph of Love tells the story of Princess Leonide (played excellently by Catherine Fergusson), who yearns to win the love of the studious Agis. With the help of her quick-witted companion, Corine, Leonide pulls out all the stops in order to capture Agis’ heart and as a result, turns the court on its head.  Mistaken identity, confusion and of course, declarations of love, drive the plot of this play, leaving the audience in stitches after each hilarious turn and excitedly awaiting to see how it all turns out.

Triumph of Love. Cassandra Szabo and Catherine Ferguson. Photo Julia Carr

Photo by Julia Carr

Having seen Theatre UBC’s production of Twelfth Night earlier this year, I knew I was in for an entertaining experience when I attended Triumph of Love on its opening night. From the beautiful and elegant set, to the pitch-perfect and catchy musical numbers, this production is fantastic  and had the audience laughing and cheering from beginning to end. Each member of the seven-member cast delivers an excellent performance, stunning the audience with their expert timing, beautiful vocals and ability to make us laugh, cry and everything in between. Knowing that each actor is in their final year of study, it will be exciting to see where each of them takes their talent next. If their work in Triumph of Love is any indication I know they will all go onto to do great things in the theatre world!

Triumph of Love Charlotte Wright and Zach Wolfman. Photo by Julia Carr

Photo by Julia Carr

UBCevents highly recommends Theatre UBC’s Triumph of Love. The reasonable ticket prices offer a great opportunity for a night out with friends or family (or maybe even a date night!) Additionally, you can also see the performance for free if you volunteer to usher. Tickets can be purchased online or at the Frederic Wood Theatre box-office and the show runs from March 19th-April 4th. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to witness some of UBC’s finest performers in action!

For more information about Triumph of Love and other upcoming productions by Theatre UBC, please visit the UBC Theatre and Film Website and follow @TheatreUBC on Twitter!

-Written and prepared by Ian Schultz, UBCevents Communications Assistant.

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100 Years WISE: : Women in Science and Engineering, Bridging the Past and the Future

In 2015, UBC celebrated its centennial – a time to learn from the past and chart the route for the future. At 100 Years WISE, professors, professionals, and others from the UBC community came together to understand UBC’s centennial in the context of women in science and engineering.

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